Developed for Entrepreneurs

We provide solutions that help you succeed

Our goal is to equip our users base with software solutions that will make a true difference in how they run their business. To accomplish this we offer a customize your plan model that fits their needs, helping them be more productive while avoiding tech overkill.  

Advance Automations

Simplify all areas of a business by automatically accomplishing tasks that you or an employee would otherwise have to do manually.

Dashboard Reports

Get a high level view of your most important metrics so you and your team can track progress toward targets, identify areas of improvement and make better business decisions.

One Technology, a Thousand Possibilities

Our no-code solution erases software gaps by making it possible for you to get customized software without depending on developers (in-house or otherwise) to build and maintain the apps for you. 

Advance CRM

Collect, organize and manage customer information

SMS Campaigns

Make greater lead connections and keep your loyal customers

Booking System

Allow customers to book appointments conveniently

Content Strategy

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Media Management

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Highly Customizable

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Network Protection

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Customer Support

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Email Campaign

Reach your target audience via email in a personalized way

Social Media Automation

Reduce the hassle of manually posting daily to social media

Business Phone

Gain credibility and protect your privacy with a dedicated number

Ringless Voicemail

Send prerecorded messages or sales pitches directly into your prospect's

Call Recording

Record both incoming and outbound phone calls from your cellphone or CRM

Proposal Builder

Create professional, quality proposals to help you close more deals

Project Management

Setup, assign and track project task for efficient and effective completion

Ticket System

Track, manage, and close customer service tickets efficiently

Auto Attendant

Setup phone extensions to transfer callers to the right team member

Form Builder

Create unlimited web forms to capture key data that drives business forward

Automation Sequences

Setup up automatic engagement points via email, sms and voice

White Labeling

Customize your portal to fit your business branding. Domain included.

Improve Productivity

Finally a Solution That Leaves Nothing Out!

Are you ready to improve your business workflow and centralize your tech? We made sure Sycene leaves nothing out to help you reach your goal. You can make/receive calls, send SMS, automate follow-up, create proposals, opportunities, collaborate, report on everything and so much more.