Grow Your Clientele Through Automation

Scyene automates the follow-up to help sales and business professionals establish high quality appointments enabling them to build a viable pipeline to close more deals and increase their bottom line.

80% Of New & Repeat Business Is Lost Due To The Lack Of Follow-up

Stop Leaving Money On The Table And Grow Your Business With A Proven Strategy!

Lead Capture

Using A Branded Mobile QR Code Easily Capture Lead Data In One Centralized Location.

Campaign Launch

Once Captured Our System Will Launch A 60-90 Day SMS Follow Up Campaign To Re-engage Prospects.

Grow Your Business

Watch As Your Calendar Begins To Be Filled With Prospects Ready To Learn More About Your Business. 


Capture, Connect, and Convert with YOUR Ultimate Networking Companion!

Our Sales System

Prospects can scan your custom QR Code or you can manually import your existing contacts into your account. QR Codes are customized to your brand colors and can be set as a screen saver or as a decal around your place of business.

The Benefits

Your prospects will begin receiving a series of professional template SMS messages or custom SMS messages created by you to book a call saving you time effort and countless other resources, while helping you increase your bottom line.

If You Are Experiencing These Post Lead Issues, We Are The Perfect Fit!

No Time To Follow Up

Family, work & other priorities require too much your time and hinders you from following up.

No Resources To Follow Up

No budget or personnel in place to handle managing your follow up needs.

No Systemized Way To Follow Up

Contact details like business cards are stacked in a pile or lost in your phone.

Lack Follow Up Consistency

You call once, maybe twice but then you move on to focus on other potential opportunities.

We Want You To

Know Our Numbers

Even without a dynamic follow up system like Scyene, simply following up on your leads can make a huge difference but we definitely take pride in what our users have been able to accomplish so far!

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Increase In Sales

Here are notable questions and answers that we hope will provide clarification on why Scyene is a great fit for your business.

How frequently will my prospects receive a follow up message?

After a prospect enters their information, your first message is sent in real-time. From there the next follow up messages are sent based on a schedule you provide. We recommend a maximum of 6 messages over a 90-day period.  

Will my dedicated business telephone number be local?

Yes, your dedicated business telephone number will be local. You also have the option to select an area code if needed.  

Can a custom or subdomain be used for my landing page?

Yes, we can use a custom domain or sub-domain for your landing page. This will require that you add certain records to your DNS settings. Contact support for more details.

Can I import and export an existing list of contacts as well as add them individually into Scyene?

Yes, Scyene allows you to both import and export leads using a CSV file. You also have the option to add leads individually with just a few simple clicks.

Do you provide training?

Yes, to ensure you get the most out of Scyene we offer video trainings to get you familiar with the system and moving in the right direction. You can also contact support for additional assistance if needed.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, we offer a no obligation plans. Should you choose to cancel simply contact us.

Our Services
Great Features. Great Value. Leads To A Great ROI.

Whether you're a startup or managing a team of forty, our solution can help you generate a significant ROI by reaching your customers when you can't.

Industry-Specific Copywriting

We create industry-specific copywriting to craft messaging that resonates more effectively with your target audience to help promote your brand, build trust and position you as a thought leader.

Personalized Messages

We ensure that every email and text message is personalized to build trust and credibility with your audience, which can increase the likelihood of them converting into customers.

Advanced Text & Email Automation

Our automated system will save you valuable time and resources by scheduling and sending text messages and emails automatically, eliminating the need for manual follow-up efforts.

Contact List Segmentation

We include contact list segmentation for more personalized and tailored experiences to your audience, resulting in improved engagement, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and resource efficiency.

Branded QR Code System

Our branded QR Code system will allow you to increase your brand visibility and recognition while seamlessly capturing contact details ensuring that leads are promptly and accurately recorded in your Scyene acount. 

Dedicated Account Manager & Support

Our dedicated account managers provide personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific needs and goals. They work to understand your business to offer valuable insights and recommendations to increase your ROI.

*Accounts include, unlimited emails, voice calls, contacts, data forms, voicemail drops, email and SMS templates, business phone number, call recording, call forwarding, workflow automation and more.

We Want To Help You

Grow Your Business

"Without a doubt I never knew how much not following up on my prospects was hurting my business. But with the Scyene system I've been blown away by how much a difference it has made. I'm literally booking one client after the next all because of my follow up automation campaigns!"
Julie Radhina
Founder, CEO

Gain access to the unified software solution designed to help you run your business more efficiently with unlimited scale potential.

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