Scyene Networking Event Host Partner Program – Terms and Conditions

1. Program Acceptance: By participating in the Scyene Networking Event Host Partner Program, you agree to these terms and conditions.

2. Use of Scyene: As an event host, you are responsible for implementing Scyene for guest check-ins and event promotion.

3. Data Sharing: You consent to sharing guest data with Scyene for the purpose of introducing Scyene Solutions.

4. Privacy Compliance: You must adhere to data privacy regulations when sharing guest information.

5. Revenue Share: You are entitled to 25% of the initial Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for each successful referral to Scyene Solutions.

6. Event Quality: Maintain the quality and reputation of your networking events.

7. Communication: Maintain regular communication with Scyene for updates, feedback, and collaboration.

8. Privacy and Data Security: Protect guest data and ensure its security during your events.

9. Program Termination: Either party may terminate this partnership with notice if terms are not met.

10. Feedback: Share event feedback and insights with Scyene to improve services.

These terms and conditions govern your participation in the Scyene Networking Event Host Partner Program.

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